Frame warranty for 1 year

Battery, controller, motor warranty normally for 1 year (calculated from shipping date, if over 1 year, we can try to offer repair service according to the loss situation of spare parts, but not including shipping fee)

Standpipe, handlebar, seat tube, hub, rim, and middle axle warranty for 6 months

brake lever, throttle, sensor, charger warranty for 6 months

Light, pedals, crankset, chain, flywheel, brake, etc. are consumables 

No Warranty / Warranty expired

Consumables are not warranted after one month

User’s use, improper maintenance or collision, fall injury, overuse, chemical damage and other abnormal parts caused by riding

Commercial rental bike does not guarantee

Consumables due to damaged parts are not replaced in time, resulting in damage to related parts, no compensation. 

Unauthorized disassembly, damage caused by replacement parts, etc.

Due to different batches at the time of shipment or improvements to parts, there will be changes without notice. The company guarantees that the quality of the changed parts will not be reduced. Only the same grade or higher grade accessories will be selected. The difference of accessories will not be the reason for quality return, please know.

Returns and Refunds 

When the bicycle you purchased needs to be returned or refunded, it must be approved by gogobest customer service team.

The gogobest return refund policy only applies to original purchase consumers who purchased from gogobest official website. Non-original purchase consumers (that is, second-hand bicycle owners) do not apply the gogobest return refund policy service.

If the consumer modifies the components by himself, the return refund policy of the bicycle will automatically expire. 

During the warranty period, the product has major quality problems that affect the normal riding of the bicycle. We will return the goods and refund; if there are small defects, we will give appropriate compensation and provide replacement parts.